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Mobile apps are affecting human lives to the great extent and will continue to do so. This creates an untapped business opportunity for businesses to ideate mobile apps that can do lot of uberization for the current products and services. The app economy will help in spiking the revenues for the companies by selling of services via apps and ad revenues. Businesses have already witnessed the rise of apps providing unorganized services like taxi aggregation, beauty, ecommerce and other products and services. The next-generation of app economy will focus on virtual reality apps, wearable device apps, advanced ecommerce apps and other business function centric apps.

Blueshark labs specializes in developing Mobile App for Restaurants, Travel, Healthcare and other industry verticals. Our services also include Virtual Reality Application Development, Wearable Application Development Services and eCommerce Application Development from ideation to monetization of apps. Our team of professionals provide unmatched expertise in –

  • Creating state-of-the-art android and iOS apps.
  • Understanding idea behind app development.
  • App Monetization and Promotion Strategies.
  • User-Experience and User-Interface Design.
  • Quality work within limited budget.

What you get

We are not just another mobile app development company; we are your technology solution providers, your technology partners.

Logo & Branding

Our logo and branding services keep you abreast of all the trends in your industry. Our services are a perfect blend of strategy, creativity and innovation to keep your brands ahead of the competition and stand out in the market.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development services entail designing, building,, deploying and managing custom business and consumer apps with cross-platform compatibility.

VR App Development

Our virtual app development services helps in creating fabulous apps converging physical and digital world with the use of mobile technology. We work with latest mapping technologies, cameras, NFC technologies to create apps that allow end-users to engage with physical environment virtually.

Wearable Development

Wearable devices are rapidly growing business opportunity for startups and enterprises working in health digitalization. We develop world-class smart wearable devices application to collaborate real-time health data, context-awareness to the lives of end-users.

E-commerce Development

Our dedicated team of app developers have expertise in implementing and integrating ecommerce applications. Our comprehensive range of ecommerce services are tailored as per the customers retail and business requirements with the right technology and platform to address their business challenges.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services help customers in monetizing the apps they have created. We used tried and tested methods of marketing like content marketing, automation emails, SEO, Mobile App optimization in store to help businesses in making most of their Return on Investment.

Our Impressive Portfolio

Happy Customers, Happy Us!

We have partnered with our customers to deliver simple and effective mobile experiences.

LeadFoot Autoparts

Excellent Support

No matter how much the mobile app development agencies grow, it always comes to those who walks alongside the trends and Blueshark Labs does that. They did it immaculately and innovatively which I personally doubt no one would do. They have the latest and modern technology required to stand on the top of the market.

Spitfire CRM

Excellent Service

Irrespective of the cut-throat competition in the mobile app market, we have gladly felt the utmost satisfaction of choosing Blueshark Labs for our CRM Solutions Applications. Not only did they close our tight deadline project on time but there was no flaw in it any day after the completion.

Exclusive Global Fitness

Great Communication

Recommended. Reliable. Recreational. Blueshark Labs have perfectly stood by our requirement because of their incredible capabilities and experience in the industry. If I were to score the performance and ability of the developers, I will give 10/10 to make the best Smartphone Fitness Application.

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