Marketing Person Tracking Solution

Your marketing force is vital to you. After all, they are the ones who at times drive the force and make your business profitable. It is evident that a lot of marketing personnel engage into on-field jobs such as meeting the clients and setting up further appointments. It goes without saying in order to sustain your marketing pillar; you are required to allocate resources.

But, how viable and feasible this option is? How about Marketing Person Tracking Solutions?

What is it?

Marketing Person Tracking Solution is a system that allows you to track down your marketing or sales personnel. Right from where they go to how much they spend – the system enables you to track everything! The system further aids in designating proper resources and implement the action plan more efficiently and strategically.

Why us?

Well, that is simply because we know how to get it done. Our expert team develops the system that allows you to track down various aspects which further enables you to imply your action plan.

We ensure that we get our research and analysis done much before we even begin the project. To us, our clients are precious hence; we make sure that we don’t let them down.

The tech-junkies in our team ensure that the system developed is not just good in its look and feel but, is also hassle free. We constantly aim towards making the system that is well thought and brilliantly executed.


Here is the list of things that can be integrated into the system and can be tracked.

  • Route taken
  • Speed traveled
  • Start Mileage/End Mileage for each call/appointment
  • Stopping time at each call/appointment
  • Destination address/location
  • Journey start time/Journey End Time
  • Start address/Location
  • Miles travelled to each meeting

In the contemporary corporate set up it is crucial to have an organized system in place that monitors the allocation of resources and helps in preparing the plan of execution. Resources are definitely critical to any organization and with such tracking systems, one can ensure that no resource is being wasted.

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