Measuring "AXIS INDIA's" On-Field Performance Digitally

It's always a hurdle to track, measure and analyse on-field job performance on the go at real time. “Go Mobile” trend has made it possible and given a very easy access. Axis India’s Field work tracking mobile app is one such solution build for both iOS and Android devices as well as responsive admin panels.

The system is created to manage our clients task by offering individual employer profile and giving them access to track their sales persons visits, review reports and analyse the work. They can check the places they visited, time taken by them while travelling, the speed they have travelled at, automation companies place tracking system as a proof and support.

Users with the assigned role can assign the task to sales person whereas sales person can fill their daily visits activity with minutes of meeting and outcome, time taken by them to reach and meeting duration. They can also submit expenses made by them and get the allowances.

Traced Features
  • User profile management
  • Role management and task assignment
  • Detailed daily log submission
  • Reporting and analysis of sales persons work
  • Task history checking and performance review
  • Expense submission and reimbursement