Smoothened 'Bringing Talent Process' with "Cafe HR"

Bringing the right talent for the organisation is the tedious although toughest task to do. It requires lots of human analysis, their comparison as well as paper work. In such scenarios, Cafe HR recruitment system an android app and website build by Blueshark Labs team smoothens HOC's hiring task.

An android app and web admin are developed that manages users of the system, allocates particular role, manages applicants account, smoothens follow-up process by reminders and notifications, checking of the document and making reports, analysing candidature and many more.

So, Make intelligent recruitment with our solution like "CAFE HR" that lasts for the years and bring an asset for the organisation, not just a labour!

Featured Features
  • Recruiters user and role management
  • Applicants profile analysis and reporting
  • Easy follow-ups of candidates and queries
  • Candidature's report management and analysis
  • New applicants profile verification
  • Digitalizing hiring formalities
  • On boarding talent process and analysis