Top ‘NEWS’ on the GO

Gone are the days when you used to sit down with your morning cup of coffee and reading newspaper! Everything has gone mobile now-a-days and so the News. Newspaper has also changed its platform by time and spread the news across online channel by offering e-News websites and mobile applications.

“NEWS HEADLINE” is one such Mobile platform developed by Blueshark Labs team that makes you aware about trending news, recent updates from all the areas and global regions.

Mechanism of app is developed such a way that gives quick and instant updates by showing headlines only followed with detailed news by one click to interested readers. Customised home page and dashboards allowing flexibility of pattern, fonts, size etc. to readers.

Enlightening Features
  • Instant News updates on the Move
  • Viewers custom profile management
  • Custom reminders and notifications
  • News Boookmark feature to read later
  • News delivery based on regions
  • Targeted news updates according to interest and likeliness