Vivo's Sales Person Tracking at your Fingerprint

It is always tough to measure the time utilization of on-field job employees. Employer used to doubt on the field sales executives whereas they also can’t give them strong proof of their work. It’s a dilemma! The problem gets bigger when you have huge amount of such people like our client "Vivo".

To overcome the challenge of Vivo, our team has developed the mobile app and web app that tracks its sales person and they can also analyse it all just with the help of mobile. Sales employees can submit their works and mobile vendor visits, no. of visits and allocated time, time of visits, expenses and ledgers from mobile instantly. On the other hand, employer can manage employees, assign tasks, view work reports of employees and approve expenses. This makes the work process smooth and easy.

Recorded Features
  • Employers User Management panel
  • Sales Person User Account
  • Report and work submission
  • Submit daily visit log and activity
  • Enabling image submit alternative
  • Report checking and analysing facility