Virtual Reality Application Development

Virtual Reality (VR) offers new opportunity for businesses to rethink their business processes and engage with phygital generation using VR services. Virtual Reality apps and services helps in converging marketing and customer service tool to provide immersive and intuitive customer experience. Digital channels lack the ability to capture the emotions of the pre-empt behavior of the customers and, thus, VR apps can help brands and businesses in understanding how customers act, react and interact at different touchpoints. Virtual Reality application services has already started marking their presence in Travel and Tourism, Gaming, Real Estate and Communications Industry.

BlueShark Labs,a specialized Virtual App development company, understands that the next-generation of business and consumer apps need to satisfy phygital customers by providing digital environment at their fingertips. Our team of VR app developers turns mundane apps to VR applications that provide simple product experiences to end-users and help companies in realizing their ROI.

Why Choose Us?

From Idea to Execution

We discuss the concept with companies and start putting the add-ons to give the right direction to the idea being generated. Our VR application development proposition not only helps customers with the technology but also helps customers to create a lucrative revenue stream for the app. BlueShark labs not just acts as a technology partner but as business consultant to establish true connection with the customers, increase app adoption and brand awareness.

Seamless experience for end-users

We understand that virtual reality applications are meant to create a rich, immersive experience for users. Our team of experienced UI/UX developers work closely to understand your end-user profile and create mockups and wireframes to get that one perfect mockup for your VR app. We follow the best practices based on user testing and design research and thinking to develop android and iOS VR mobile apps.

Using the right technology

VR application development services are still in nascent stages and thus, a lot of research and understanding of technology is required to craft the right VR app. Right technology with the perfect 2D and 3D overlays and objects are required to create right product experience for the customers. BlueShark labs has been researching and working on different technologies suited for designing and developing right VR apps for different businesses across industries and thus, has an competitive advantage in niche technologies.

Cost Effective App Development

We keep check on cost without compromising on the quality. We are able to build world class apps because of the experienced team and the data - intensive research we are doing to understand the upcoming trend in VR space and how it impacts the businesses.