Wearable's Application development

Wearable devices have been adopted by the health fanatics and as per the Connected Life Report by Nielsen, young adults in the age group of 18-34 are first movers in adopting wearable tech. The rise of social media vis-a-vis giving rise to personal image consciousness has triggered monitoring health at the personal level. Advancements in technologies such as capturing of data in real-time, maintain records of food intake, active time and track wellness efforts also triggered further adoption of wearable devices. Health care service providers or health startups leveraging the opportunity of employing digital technologies to improve and connect with the individuals at the personal level are having competitive advantage.

BlueShark Labs, a specialized Wearable app development company, believes that since majority of us have become comfortable using digital services, its the right time to enter the market with full-fledged wearable device and apps. We worked on developing different used cases around wearable app like collecting fitness data, providing healthcare advices and connecting end-users to health specialists, providing data to healthcare providers and insurers using wearables to enhance health and wellness programs. Our wearable app development services make sure that the app in integrated tightly with all the leading wearable devices application like Google, Apple, Samsung to ensure that real-time data is getting streamed in database with user-friendly interface to drive adoption.

Why Choose Us?

IoT Based Wearable Apps

Connected devices is no more thing of the future and customers want all their devices to be controlled with a single app and we are proficient in delivering IoT bases wearable devices app. Our wearable app development experts understand the amount of data to be handled with real-time interaction and Iot based apps and thus weave frameworks to process high volumes of data securely with high-computing resources available. This helps both customers and businesses to interact seamlessly with each other.

Simplified User-Interface

Wearable apps are too be used by individuals in daily basis. We spent a lot of time in making User-Interface usable and quick to adopt so that user-engagement increases. Our team of UI/UX experts have hands-on experience in developing digital solutions for a hyper-personalized industry like healthcare and fitness and thus, we never take chances with less than the perfect design and solution. Using cutting edge technologies and processes helps in keeping everything at or above par with the industry standards.

Domain Expertise

We are domain experts in building apps for wearable devices and our team of experts have developed world-class apps delivering value for end-users. Our wearable app development services enable integration with customers’ choice of big data solution to provide seamless personalized healthcare experience based on end-users inputs, motion tracking and other data inputs either captured manually or tracked using various SDKs.

Cost Effective App Development

We keep check on cost without compromising on the quality. We are able to build world class apps because of the experienced team and the data - intensive research we are doing to understand the upcoming trend in Wearable device app space and how it impacts the businesses.