Live "CRYPTO NEWS" updates at your comfort

With the current trends of Digital currencies – bitcoins, cryptocurrency and related news are in high and frequently demanded by investors. To fulfil the need, We have delivered one such app that would be your one stop solution for all your crypto related news.

The mobile application developed for both the devices iOS and Android delivers news with just one click. It offers easy and quick news delivery by offering quick news headlines, you can bookmark the news to read it later, read more will assist you to know it in detail. It gives you the latest news from the internet on this app.

Investors can create their profile, refer the rates and trends, set the investment alerts as per increase or decrease in rates.

Features to invest in
  • Customised Crypto News at your fingertip
  • Quick and instant news via headlines
  • Detail news section to know more
  • Live crypto updates
  • Personal profile management
  • News directly from the internet
  • News 'Bokmarking' facility
  • Price change alarms for investments
  • News notifications